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The World Sports Championship was held in Hungary(13-16 JULY)



Ukrainian athletes shine in international sports arenas, which should be noticed. On July 13-16, 2023, in Gant, Hungary, an exciting world championship in sports discipline occurred. These competitions were attended by 40 athletes from Ukraine, who worthily represented the country on the global stage.

In total, 1065 participants from 39 countries participated in the championship, competing for the title of the best in sports, which requires high skill and precision. Everyone was impressed with the Ukrainian national team’s confidence and skill, having received many worthy results.

Athletes from Ukraine demonstrated impressive achievements, winning several awards and prize places. Their inexpressible efforts and impeccable technique left a deep imprint in the hearts of spectators and competitors. They represented the Sporting Federation of Ukraine and confirmed their professionalism and dedication to the sport.

This championship has become essential for developing and popularizing the Sporting discipline in Ukraine. Our athletes have shown they can compete with the best and deserve recognition and applause.

Congratulations to the Ukrainian athletes on their achievements at the Sporting World Championship! Their work and dedication serve as an example for the younger generation and other athletes.

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