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Clay shooting

We are proud to present you with an exciting discipline — Compak Sporting, which combines the energy and precision of sports shooting and is gaining popularity every year in Ukraine.

Compak Sporting is a dynamic sport combining classic shooting and sports action elements. Our team of professional trainers will help you master shooting techniques, teach you how to use tactics, and how to react to different situations during the competition. Thanks to their experience and attention to detail, you can improve your results and reach new heights in your sports career.

Our shooting range is equipped with an advanced targeting and multi-pull shooting automation system, which allows you to enjoy high-quality training without wasting time on technical details. This modern technology will enable you to accurately reproduce flights of any complexity and customize training settings to suit your preferences and goals. You can test yourself on different types of targets and simulate different competition scenarios. In addition to the classic automated targeting machines, your attention is a particular AVT-compact machine! Your skills will constantly improve, and you can experience real adrenaline from every shot.

One of the most significant benefits of training at our ground is our highly qualified coaching staff. They have deep knowledge of shooting and many years of experience in training athletes of different levels. Our trainers will become your reliable partners, support you at every stage of training, help you identify your strengths, and work on your weaknesses to achieve maximum results.

Coaches of Palmira SSC prepared athletes for participation in national-level competitions, where our athletes proved their high level of results, including the masters of sports standards!

Training at the Palmira range is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills, develop your sports potential, and enjoy sports achievements. Join our community of shooting enthusiasts and start your exciting path to success in compact sporting today!

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