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Safety rules and conditions for visiting the shooting range

  • Even if unloaded, any weapon should be handled carefully and never pointed at people.
  • If the shooter is not using the gun, he must set it upright in the pyramid or store it in another authorized place so it does not create any danger.
  • It is forbidden to simulate shooting outside the shooting grounds.
  • Staying on the shooting range without safety equipment for ears and eyes is forbidden. Shooters cannot shoot without headphones, earplugs, or protective glasses.
  • The shooter is prohibited from moving to the next shooting stand until the previous shooter has left it.
  • The shooter may only load a weapon on his shooting stand, provided the gun remains open (open bolt for a semi-automatic weapon). In this case, it is forbidden to lay down a gun, and the barrel must be directed to the firing zone within the sector for firing.
  • The shooter can only close the weapon (or its shutter) when ready for the target.
  • While on the shooting stand, the shooter must not leave it without first opening and unloading the gun, regardless of whether shots have been fired.
  • During the target check and a pause in shooting, the shooter’s gun must be open and unloaded.
  • The shooter must follow the instructions of the shooting stand instructor.


  • Appear in the firing zone.
  • Go to the shooting range without an instructor.
  • Collect spent cartridges, targets, wads, etc., without permission.
  • Use randomly found bullets.
  • Touch another shooter’s weapons, ammunition, or equipment without their permission.
  • Enter the trenches, booths, and operator’s premises.
  • Be in front of the launch target machine.
  • Walk or leave the shooting range without the instructor’s command.
  • Talk loudly near the stand during shooting and competition, distracting the attention of the shooters.
  • Shoot a target given to another shooter.
  • Shoot birds and animals between the Yelyzavetivka and Male settlements throughout the restoration area.
  • Use defective weapons.
  • Leave weapons unattended.
  • Point the weapon in the fire line away from the direction of the fire during all actions with the gun: shooting, reloading, misfiring, and when the target is delayed.
  • Train without a cartridge outside the designated areas and without the instructor’s permission.
  • Leave low-quality cartridges with misfires on the stand; they must be handed to the instructor.
  • Continue shooting when a person or animal appears in the shot zone.
  • To be on shooting ranges and to participate in shooting by persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.
  • Press the target return button on the microphone when a target is missed. It is allowed to press the button only without a target.

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